Blood Pressure by La'akea


Blood Pressure

The deficiency of minerals compromises optimal health.

Blood Pressure

to constrict to maintain blood flow throughout the body. This leads to an increase in blood pressure. Salt is retained by the body not because it is consumed in excess, but because it helps to conserve body water.

Some researchers believe that reducing sodium in the diet causes the body to work harder to retain salt. The body actually needs more water, not less salt. When water intake is adequate, water itself actually works as a natural diuretic reducing blood pressure and edema.

Now the key is an intake of natural hand harvested sea salt with the Ocean as the Source. With Ocean as the source, natural hand harvested sea salts proportionally balanced minerals and elements match the composition of our bodies.

The human body cannot live without natural sea salt. Twenty-seven percent of body’s salt is stored in the bones. It is critical in making bones hard. Salt deficiency may be linked to osteoporosis. The deficiency of minerals compromises optimal health. Even a minute disruption can cause cells to burst, nervous disorders, brain damage, depression, as well as a breakdown of cell-regenerating processes.

A low salt intake also contributes to acid buildup in cells, which creates acidosis. Acidosis damages DNA, the cell’s genetic code. DNA damage is thought to be a possible initiator of cancer. Many cancer patients do indeed have low salt levels.