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Puna Pa'akai Hawaiian Sea Salt
Pa'akai from the pristine waters of Puna

Big Island Hawaii


Made with Aloha

Natural hand harvested sea salt, with its proportionally balanced minerals and elements, is essential for life.

Pa’akai Hawaiian Sea Salt

Pa'akai is used for seasoning, preserving food and often as a gift from one family or friend to another. With the Ocean as the direct source, hand harvested all natural sea salt matches the composition of our bodies, and is completely absorbed.

Table Salt VS. Natural Hand Harvested Sea Salt

All natural hand harvested sea salt has 84 minerals and elements essential to life, health and wellbeing. Refined table salt contains only 2, as precious minerals and elements are droped out by processing.

Salt History

Sea Salt has been used since the earliest stages of history. It has now all but disappeared, having been replaced by “purified, processed” products. Salt was at one time tendered a valuable currency.

Salt and Mineral Physiology

Although some salt lies within a variety of natural foods, research has shown that supplemental salt can also be an important, healthy part of our diet, provided it contains a proper balance of sodium, chloride, calcium, potassium, and other minerals. With the Ocean as the source, Puna Pa'akai Hawaiian Sea Salt provides the minerals and elements for health and wellbeing.

Does salt cause high blood pressure?

Salt does not “cause” high blood pressure. High blood pressure occurs when the body tissue is severely dehydrated. When cells are dehydrated, water is taken from the blood causing a decrease in blood volume, then...

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Information about the health benefits of Natural Sea Salt

I've come to understand how important Salt is in our diet. My reserch has enlightened me in many ways. It is very important to me to share what I know with all those I know and love. I lovingly share with you what I understand and have gained...

Harvested Sea Salt

Puna Pa'akai Hawaiian Sea Salt

Healthy part of our diet

Puna Pa'akai Hawaiian Sea Salt

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Puna Pa'akai Hawaiian Sea Salt

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Puna Pa'akai Hawaiian Sea Salt